How do I get 'Add-Ons'?

How do I get 'Add-Ons'?

You will be asked which add-ons you want to add to your order inside your BackerKit survey, and all add-ons can be managed there. Just make sure you have an active pledge inside Kickstarter when the campaign ends, and you'll have access to our add-on pledge manager.

For more info on this, check out the link below:


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    • What is a BackerKit survey?

      The BackerKit survey is a post-Kickstarter survey that allows Kickstarter backers to fulfil their orders. In the BackerKit survey you will be able to purcahse additional 'add-ons', increase pledge levels and proceed with shipping details. For more ...
    • I didn't get my BackerKit survey for your campaign, how can I receive it?

      The BackerKit Survey will be sent to your email address that is linked with your Kickstarter account. We recommend checking all inboxes associated with this email address, including the spam, junk, and advertisement inboxes. Please note, if you have ...
    • Can I 'swap' or 'exchange' items in my Kickstarter?

        Currently, we do not offer the option to exchange or swap tier level items for other items however you can include your desired items as an ‘Add-on’ through the Backer kit survey.  
    • Am I eligible for Stretch Goals?

      If you have backed a Kickstarter tier that contains physical products you will be eligible for all stretch goals (unless the stretch goal is specified as an add-on)! If you backed at the PDF tier you will be eligible for digital versions of stretch ...
    • Can I change my pledge tier during or after the Kickstarter has ended?

      Yes you can! During the Kickstarter you will be able to increase or decrease your pledge tier at any stage through your Kickstarter account. Once the campaign has ended, you can increase your Kickstarter pledge tier through your BackerKit survey. ...